About time

This could be about time.  It could be about a race against time.  Or it could be a wait against time.  Watching the clock, or the calendar.

Though it feels like the battle is finished.  It may feel like we have lost; the Obama capitulation speaks strongly to that premise.  One can say we are at the end of a chapter.  What that also means, axiomatically, is that we are at the beginning of a chapter.  The history of mankind has shown a rich and colorful, mostly red, tapestry of rise, decline and fall.  The common thread to all these previous cycles is that the declines were occurring but the people were unable to prepare for their new realities.  They did not have the means to prevent the corruption that inevitably accompanies decline.   They could not possibly organize against their oppressors.  That is why the rise of labor organization is the most singularly vile movement in the eyes of the vulture capitalist.

We find ourselves in a unique point in the history of mankind.  Previous declines descended upon civilizations that could not possibly have known the full extent of what was to befall them.  But we do.

For the first time in the history of mankind, we have the information, and the knowledge, to build a transitory bridge from our civilization as it crumbles stands today, into a new way of life.  Allow your mind to simmer in that heat for a few minutes:  For the first time in the history of mankind, we have the information, and the knowledge, to build a transitory bridge from our civilization, into a new way of life.

Information can be synthesized into knowledge, knowledge can be collected into wisdom, but neither can force our leaders to undertake the correct action.   That can only occur within the ranks of those who are on the bleeding edge of change in our society.  Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Disintermediate is the means to realizing our goal of imagining, building and crossing that bridge to the new reality.  This blog is a means for me to communicate the idea, and my vision for the change that we have really needed.  Not only is it not too late, it is the perfect time to commit to this cause.  Knowledge comes from what we learn from our experiences.  Wisdom is gained by learning from the experiences of others.  An activated community is a wise community, that make prudent decisions based on its own understanding of local needs and wants.

We’re on the same page, now let’s get on the same side.  Welcome to Disintermediate.

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