The Fear Conundrum

The effect that a fear based existence has on a person is difficult to quantify.  Fear is the foundation of stress, bodily dysfunction, disease and a generally negative outlook the entire spectrum of existence.  It is fear that has helped us collectively destroy much of what makes us whole, healthy human beings. Fear also prevents us from forming trusting, communal relationships.  We have lived for so long in the fear based paradigm that we cannot remember what life is like without fear.

People who are “waking up” these days have been fighting against an oppressive net of fear that has trapped them for what seems like their entire lives.  But it is at this point that many are making a critical mistake:  After shedding their fear of oppression, they are turning to another fear based system.  That system deals with the question: “What’s going to happen next?”  This is essentially jumping out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

There are many personalities today who are providing an incredible amount of revelatory information regarding how we have been manipulated throughout the history of modern man.  As we learn of these deceptions we become angry and our first reaction is “what are we going to do about it?”  It should be abundantly clear that the reason we are being told of these things that were heretofore considered secrets is because there is little or nothing we can do about it.  We will regain our powers as human beings (that is a task that each of us much undertake) but at present the power structures arrayed against us are significant.  Therefore it is natural to fall prey to a feeling of fear when we think of how life is going to play out over the next months and years.

This is a time of transition.  Change will come, and it will be divine, but the transition is where the change occurs.  It s the unknown path to the future.  We must choose to eliminate this fear of the unknown, the transition, and focus instead on the change that must occur.  To illustrate with a simple example, I can choose to worry about the societal collapse that will follow the collapse of the US Dollar, or, I can instead surmise that the collapse will occur and there is little I can do to prevent it.  Therefore, I will choose to focus on how food supply systems will function in the newly emerging communities post-collapse.

Choosing to focus on the transition phase is a fear based approach.  Choosing instead to focus on the way forward is a reality based approach that brings real solutions to our communities.

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