The Wheel Creaks

The vehicle upon which mankind has been brought to this place is a 12 cylinder, gas guzzling, 8 cup holder having ride named Globalization.  While we slept this behemoth was being carrying us to 2013, and  a world facing daily, massive death and destruction.  The financial markets are about to implode.  The paper currencies are about to be put to the test on a planetary playing field.  The end of private central banking is here, and the coming adjustment will rip open the very foundations of our modern society.  

The opposite of globalization is localization.  In order to go from Point A – Globalization to Point B – Localization, one must undergo the process of disintermediation.  If globalization is not the path upon which mankind will prosper, then we must look to a more localized way of life.  In order to make the change we must disintermediate; to eliminate or reduce the intermediaries between you and your personal supplies.  A globalized man would go to the supermarket and purchase an apple shipped from Oregon.  A man who has partially disintermediated gets his apple, 100% organic, from the organic farmer just a few miles away.  A man who has fully disintermediatd picks an apple from a tree.

My interest does not go to what the transition will look like.  Others will do a fine job of prognosticating that outcome.  My interest lies in what out emerging communities will look like.  How will mankind feed, shelter and clothe itself?  What will be the outcome of our attempts to rebuild the institutions of civil life? What will the process of disintermediation look like and what will cause the process to break down, if it does?

The first cation I can provide is this:  DO NOT FEAR.  For fear is the greatest barrier to achieving a localized, human society that exists in a state of Jesus consciousness.  Most people fear because it is very difficult to imagine overcoming modern problems.  There is much to be said about this.  1) Many modern problems are contrived.  Imagining the problem is far worse than the actual problem.  2) Mankind’s ability to deal with the problems is greatly enhanced by the information revolution, and 3) Mankind’s actual, physical needs are evolving and therefore things that we might think of as great needs today may not be so in the relative future.

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