Surreal – Head butting against a brick wall

It has been said by myself and others that the next revolution will occur in your mind.  What that means to me is that we have all been living our lives and operating on a set of beliefs and assumptions that validate the status quo.  Therefore for anything to change for the beter we most first delve into our map of reality and erase most of it.  It is not enough just to recognize the bizarre nature of our existence as reflected, for example, in or institutions.  The police state, eternal war, the corrupt central banking system and fiat currency, are just a few examples of mankind slow walking itself into the flames of destruction.  But why do we allow this to continue when we can clearly recognize the failures at an institutional level?  We allow it because there is an insufficient level of revision of our map of reality.  The revolution that must occur in the mind of each and every citizen has yet to reach the critical mass required to manifest physical change.  So what are you waiting for?

As I perused the headlines from journals around the world, my eye was drawn to this headline:

What it’ll take to persuade Corporate America to partner with government

That’s right.  You did not misread that.  The author, Heidi Moore at The Guardian, is postulating that there is an insufficient amount of partnering between corporate America and the US government.  In Ms. Moore’s pinpoint analysis she has ascertained that Government is insufficiently ingratiated to corporate interests.  Following are some sparkling quotes from her piece:

I apologize.  I attempted to cull some quotes from the article but was unable to do so.  The article cannot be dissected.  Each paragraph ties together the ignorance and buffoonery of the previous.  You are invited to put on a pair of waders and then walk through it yourself:


So back to the revolution in your mind.  Since a decision maker at The Guardian provided Ms. Heidi Moore with a platform to actually write this article and to share her wisdom regarding these matters, where does that leave a person who is trying to reorganize his assumptions?  Confused, for one thing.  

Some of us have been fighting this fight for decades.  Others are not going to engage in the front lines because they have bills to pay, and jumping off the hamster wheel even for a minute will disrupt a carefully drawn fantasy which we call reality.  Still others are willing to peer behind this illusion, but have not yet put the pieces together.  Trust me when I say there is indeed a unifying theory.  There is a narrative that makes sense of our world.  But in order to understand that narrative we have to keep absorbing every bit of new information that makes sense, even if it disrupts prior assumptions.  In fact, that’s the point; to blow away assumptions and rebuild your awareness from the ground up.

When as article like this is presented to you it is important for you to decode the reality, and do so in a way that clearly recognizes the role of each actor.

Personally, I do not know Ms. Heidi Moore.  But by the mere act of having read what she has written, it is a fairly easy task to decode what her role seems to be.  Please read it for yourself, and then consider my comments in this post.  

Just for grins, I will paste below several of the better comments that were made by readers of her article:

Astonishing piece of writing. A reality-defying apologium for the giant squid who take for themselves as fees what should have been taken as tax by the government.

If one hundredth of the money lavished in Wall Street on the ‘efficient allocation of capital’, an allocation which almost entirely went to senior staff of the coporations providing this ‘service’ had been spent on the physical infrastructure of the US, there’d be no need for PPP.

Truly extraordinary to see the insolence of the plutocracy tamely endorsed by the Guardian.



This is a joke right?



It could be read as satire, but I guess the only people laughing are the subjects.

I like the insinuation that corporations don’t need national infrastructure to function and need to be bribed to maintain them.

Much as the government should pay me to visit the doctor, after all it’s in their interest that I don’t get sick and fail to show up to work.

Tipsy topsy turvey.



The most bubble-headed article I’ve read in a long time. What colour is the sky on your planet?


So as yo can see, the ability of the Heidi Moore’s of the world to keep us confused is deteriorating rapidly.