The following is the complete post of an anon poster, that I found on AlterNet, in an article discussion election manipulation and fraud.  I wished to honor this pithy comment that says more in a handful of paragraphs than the volumes of books crapped out by the DC punditocracy:

Presidential elections aren’t vehicles for expressing the public will. This is clear from the start of the election process each cycle, where only the safest candidates for the status quo have a shot and the rest are vanished through the mechanisms of media coverage and public relations management.

In our banana republic, elections serve to add a veneer of legitimacy to one or another candidate that has been selected by elites to serve their interests while maintaining a shallow facade of representative government. It’s not essentially different from what occurs in tin pot dictatorships, though the U.S.’s methods are much more clever.

A vanguard revolutionary party would bring more to the table than the parties from which we get to choose. The current system will lead to nothing but the complete disempowerment and then destitution of non-elites. We’re well on our way to this outcome already.

The days of economic growth are over for the U.S. and elites have no intention to manage the situation in such a way that ordinary people can maintain some decent way of life amid the decline. They want to maintain and enhance their privileges and wealth, hole up in their gated compounds defended by mercenaries, and let chaos envelop the strange foreign land outside.

The only shot ordinary people have at avoiding the chaos is to somehow institute a new system of government that can manage our decline wisely for the greatest good of the common folk. Even in this scenario, times would be very tough. But it would be better than the insanity we’re heading toward now.

-waytoomanybottlesofspicedrum > Alternet