Thoughts on Japan

Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster.  The repercussions from this calamity will be lived by millions, and for many decades.  The Japanese island has moved closer to North America.  The length of a day has been shortened.  The earth’s axis has shifted.  If this is not earth shaking….

Natural type disasters aside, there is something very morbid and disconcerting about the Japanese people facing another nuclear holocaust.  I confess to being unaware of Japan’s reliance upon nuclear fuel.  An understandable situation given the dearth of hydrocarbon fuels in Japan.  The effects that this calamity will have on that nation’s psyche are difficult to comprehend.   This is the type of historical event that changes courses.  Not only the course of a nation, but of all mankind.  (Ah yes, the interconnectedness of things – the NY stock markets have opened the day sharply lower.  Therefore, “Rule 48” has been invoked.  Apparently that means putting a stop to trades if people panic too much)



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