This IS the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Our evolving human consciousness has indeed given rise to a greater understanding, an infinitely large increase in the scope, depth and breadth spiritual progression.  Does it coincide with the Age of Aquarius?  It might.

Social media, in one sense, is about organizing.  Driven by the magical energy of desire to participate and engage, we have all been granted a portal into the grandest conversation of all, the one that encompasses most of the developed world.   Perhaps this reality has been slow to dawn upon me and most of the rest of us, but this sure has been a sobering realization:  The entire connected part of the  planet is now privy to a significantly greater set of common data upon which to base their decisions.  This is a powerful idea.

The raising of the lowest common denominator

What we are witnessing is the raising of the lowest common denominator in human understanding.  History has never been able to inform people contemporaneously of the nature of the forces driving events.  Now we do.  This is resulting in dispelling old myths about history like the Pentagon Papers, and confirming long known unpunished crimes by despots and dictators.  This recognition, at a basel sense, of the commonality and intrinsic similarity among people of the world is at the core of the worldwide push towards another vision of the future.

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