A new reality is blooming before your eyes

Don’t you love it?  As you walk past, make sure you take time to savor the moment, before getting back to work.

We have previously discussed the unique set of circumstances that that intersect the timeline of humanity’s evolution:  Although mankind has endured many periods of rise and fall in all parts of the planet, this moment is the first time in history that the fall of a civilization is accompanied by mass awareness of the circumstances surrounding the decline, and how to prevent it.  If we were to apply a value judgement we would say this is “good globalism”.

The events in Tunis, Cairo and now Amman are all shining examples of a “New World Disorder (NWD)” – a phrase I write and read with great enjoyment.  The NWD is a reflection.  It is the result of decades of human suffering at the hands of global capitalists.  But what has occurred in the past is now nothing more than evidence of the imbalance of power that has arisen between labor and capital.  The present is a far different arena.

If the events currently unfolding in the Middle East were to have occurred a mere 10 years ago. the result would have been identical to all other movements similar to this one.  The US neoliberal establishment, working hand in hand with their partners, present day Republicans, would have selected a leader, formulated a plan to install that leader, rigged the election, and then patted itself on the back for having brought democracy to yet another nation.  No more.   The days of secret back room deals are fast closing.  We see it on the world stage and, more importantly for us, we will see it here at home.

Transparency has become the freedom bell for common people.  Wikileaks, Twitter and all the other technology innovations that people assimilate and employ with great efficiency are our weapons in the new reality.   That does not mean real blood will not be spilled, it will.  Plenty of it.  But we now know that the only thing that prevents us from reclaiming our human rights is our belief in a current socioeconomic system that is unsustainable and unfair.  As soon as we stop believing in that system, our masters become powerless.

Disintermediate NOW!

Update 2/1/11 5:50 PM

Egypt’s Revolution: Coming to an Economy Near You

It was a society in stagnation, if not decline. Despite ostensible stability, its people — especially its young people — faced a future bleaker than the dark side of Pluto. For decades, the richest grew even richer, as national debt mounted, middle-class people tried to make ends meet, and upward mobility fell. Government failed to address these problems, and the governed felt increasingly disenfranchised — and partisan. Mass unemployment metastasized from a temporary illness to a chronic condition. One of its major cities decided to erect a permanent tent city, for a permanently excluded, marginalized underclass.

This isn’t Tunisia, or Egypt — but America. Yes, in many ways Egypt and America couldn’t be more different. But the broad contours are just a little too similar for comfort.
Consider a tweet that made the rounds this weekend. “Youth unemployment: #Yemen 49%, #Palestine 38%, #Morocco 35%, #Egypt 33%, #Tunisia 26%”. It sounds staggering. But youth unemployment rates are 20-40% across Europe. And in the USA, estimates range from 20-50% depending on how you count, and when. Egypt’s youth unemployment crisis — which many seemed to think on Twitter was merely an Arab problem (oh, those Arabs!) is, in point of fact, a global one.

What we’re watching is a massive malfunctioning of the global economy. At the root of the problem: dumb growth. Dumb growth is, in many ways, bogus — rather than reflecting enduring wealth creation, it largely reflects the transfer of wealth: from the poor to the rich, the young to the old, tomorrow to today, and human beings to corporate “people.” Dumb growth is growth without prosperity. And it’s far from an Egyptian problem.

read on at the link below.




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