A “New Dem” is an old-timey Republican

And some of those Republicans were decent people, I am told, though I have no verification of that odd factoid.

The current refrain from the Center is admonishment for comparing the grievances of our Egyptian brothers and sisters to our own.   My reply is as follows:

Their grievances are identical to my grievances
and the grievances of many of my friends and peers here in the good ole USA.

We share a desire to escape from the debt slavery and oppression that is a product of an elite, worldly, transnational group of pirates.

Billions in aid to Egypt? It goes into a black hole of a family kleptocracy.

Billions in aid to Lloyd Blankfein? It goes into a black hole of a crony kleptocracy.

Jobless in Suez?

Jobless in Tampa?

Autocratic rulers who make sure that power rests in their hands regardless of the plight of the citizenry? Where could that be?

The United States of America is identical to these far off places in terms of economic ideology. If you can take it, take it. If you can keep it, keep it.

Me and Abdul and Hassan and Amin share the same desire to live peacefully and contentedly. The vast majority of the world is content with very little. But that would diminish the wealth of our lords.

This is PRECISELY our fight as well. So I humbly disagree with your post, though I am sure the sentiment was well intentioned.

The Egyptian people and the Tunisian people and all the plain, regular people in the world really do just want to eat, to sleep, to work and to love.   Every revolution that occurs wherein a neoliberal puppet is toppled is a great revolution.

For your enjoyment, a display of the power that the common person possesses, and that cannot be defeated.


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