A plea to Julian Assange

First and foremost Mr. Assange, thank you for the greatest contribution to mankind in the 21st century.  Yours and Mr. Manning’s actions are the stuff of hope for humanity.

Having said that, please, Sir, please review with haste and release without delay any and all documents that will advance the currently held suspicion that the FIRE  (finance, insurance, real estate) sector engaged in a methodical scheme to impoverish the middle class in order to continue the upward transfer of billions, if not trillions, of taxpayers’ funds from public coffers into such productive national investments as Lloyd Blankfein’s deferred compensation package.


Many, many people are living lives of limbo because they find themselves in circumstances that are truly Orwellian in nature.  If your disclosures can help the people make their case against the Fed and its clients, then you should help now, without delay.


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