Here is a great example of disintermediation

Study: Publicizing Factory Farming Decreased Meat Demand

This is an example of information disintermediation.  Our mass media outlets are presumably responsible for uncovering information, assembling that information, applying tests of logic and factuality, and then present the finding to an electorate seeking information to help support their decision making process.  Right?

Wrong.  In an ideal world that is what the mass media would do.  They would act as the intermediary between the information and the decision.  They would be adding value to the information supply chain.  But in reality the mass media not only fail to meet their responsibility, they actually cross the line and participate as willing accessories to the Vampires and Vultures.

Many of us risk friendships by tirelessly trying to overcome the failures of the mass media to inform by disintermediating the information flow and seeking, and finding, the information ourselves.  And then when we have done the media’s job we go about trying to correct the public misconceptions that have formed a a result of the disinformation that they were fed my the mass media.

By disintermediating the media from the information supply chain we have effectively deleted a harmful agent from our lives, and the long term benefits of that victory are incalculable.


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