Common Security Club planning commences in Atlanta

CSC 30307 – Open Invitation

Please come join us at the first meeting of our local Common Security Club

What is a Common Security Club?

A platform to organize locally in order to increase our personal security in a rapidly changing world by:

  • Facing our challenges and learning about root causes
  • Building relationships for mutual aid and shared action
  • Recognizing the possibility of a better alternative
  • Participating in a greater cause for social and economic equality




By joining us in the planning stages you will be doing something that represents the first few steps towards breaking free from the debt slavery and economic bondage that is engulfing our friends, families and neighbors.  All the power we need to help ourselves exists within our local community.  It is time to meet each other and plan for our future.  The people doing that for us don’t have our best interests at heart.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information please e-mail the site administrator.  Our goal is to ring in the new year with our first formal session.


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