Vampires and Vultures

One of the many things about vampires that people find alluring is the ability of the vampire to make you loook into his eyes.  That look, immortalized on celluloid in 1931 in Dracula, drew the beautiful victim into the clutches of the fanged fellow.  It also drew us into the aura of the beast.

He is a sophisticated man, Count Dracula, always ready for a formal affair. whether it’s a casino in Monte Carlo or a state dinner in Washington.

He feeds at night, but it is during the daytime that he regenerates the force that animates his corpse.  The Count likes his veinous companions young and fresh.  Their blood is pure and the container for the blood is supple, elastic and perfumed.

Count Dracula will sweep you off your feet, into a mansion of fantasy, and suck your blood.  A little bit.  Every few hours.  You will be enthralled by the life.  You will yearn to get a taste of the Count’s corpuscles.  Maybe you will taste it.  Maybe you will drink it often.  Might he invite you into his inner sanctum where you can spend eternity?

Ð Ï š Ï Ν Τ Ë Μ Ë Ð Ï Α Τ Ë

Ð Ï š Ï Ν Τ Ë Μ Ë Ð Ï Α Τ Ë


The vulture is a misunderstood raptor.  She understands that she is an important part of the econosystem.  A fallen being, a lifeless body devoid of the spirit that roamed the earth, seas and skies at one time, is ended.  It is the duty and calling of the vulture to help recycle the organic matter.  No one likes to look at the process as it occurs.  So thankfully, the vulture is fairly quick in carrying out its duty. 

Usually accompanied by many fellow vultures and it’s all claws on deck as the flesh is scraped from the bones.

She does hesitate to dive head first into the abdominal cavity and pull intestines out.  She is quick and efficient.

In terms of physical contact, and perhaps intimacy, the Vampire and the Vulture are our daily and lifelong companions.

We, each of us, has been isolated and assigned to our respective vampires and vultures.  This is how we live, and this is how we die.  The first step towards overcoming the ill-fated life that results from these vicious companions is to join and beat them together.

The economic realities alluded to in this metaphor are eating away at our unique human spirit.  But we are not defeated.  This journey is just beginning, and we will win not though destruction, but through creation.  Creation of a new way of life that values every human equally.  We will get there through community, and through local action and leadership.


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